25 February – 4 April 2009

Chrisotodulos Panayiotou
Never Land

Rodeo is very pleased to announce the first Istanbul solo exhibition of Limassol born, Berlin based artist Christodoulos Panayiotou.

Christodoulos will be presenting his recent works Never Land and Wonder Land, which are the result of extensive archival research in the Island of Cyprus, as well as the audio recording of the performance To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause part of the general project Let it shine which was initiated while he was a resident in Istanbul in 2006 (at Platform-Garanti Arts Center)

“Originally trained in dance and performing arts in Lyon and London Panayiotou’s works are performance-based and collectively span every level of what one could describe as a spectrum of the performative in art – from creating a space for an activity such as dancing, directing actors and events, to the recording and tracing of both the artist’s and society’s ‘performances’. Formed in a range of media, often incorporating video and sound within installations Panayiotou’s aesthetic interventions often reference political stimuli and yet can be read in a multitude of ways.