18 November – 20 December 2008

Children of the Revolution

Mark Aerial Waller, Giles Round

Rodeo is happy to announce the two men show “Children of the Revolution” with Mark Aerial Waller and Giles Round.

The gallery is divided into two spaces, one for each artist, with a common space to host works relating to their collaborative events. Round and Waller have been collaborating for years where they organize evenings in which between other things bring artists, history of film and dance together. From these nothing remains but photographic documentation, the posters announcing them and festive elements, like the used glitter from the “Glittering Cannon” night that happened in Sketch bar, in London last year.Giles Round is creating new alphabets, fonts and designs through traditional motifs that date back to the first decades of the 20th century. These sometimes become hallucinatory videos (like Hallucinating Love that was screened on Yama in December 2006), hand printed fabrics, wall paintings and expand to installations and structures in which material and lines come together. His latest series of lights, as most of his work, could be an acquired object from a sleek high-class living room that inherited minimalism. Round’s work is in constant dialogue with the tradition of design and printing as practices but also ways of living and seeing the world. Waller’s Resistance Domination Secret is a video trilogy loosely based on the three tragedies by Aeschylus that tell the story of king Agamemnon’s return from Troy and all the dramas that this brought to his family in Mycenae. The films shot in three cities, Istanbul, Warsaw and London bring together ancient and contemporary history, the history of cinema, science fiction, and are open to constant interpretations by the viewer as all of his work. Using Diana Baldon’s words “He continues to question… how ancient ideas are transported into the present, and how complex notions can endure across centuries and reappear in contemporary culture”.